9-11 Sep 2015 Paris (France)
Thursday 10
China Pragmatist Association Panel 1
› 9:30 - 13:00 (3h30)
› EHESS Salle 6
Pragmatism Studies in China
Yajun Chen  1  , Yi Jiang  2  , Chengbin Wang  2  , Yajun Chen  1  
1 : Fudan University [Shanghai]  -  Website
Shanghai, Yangpu -  China
2 : Beijing Normal University

Prof. Chen Yajun (Dewey Center, Fudan University) 

On the Comparative Studies of Pragmatism and Chinese Philosophy

Prof. Jiang Yi (Department of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University)

Peirce Studies in China in the 21th Century

Prof. Wang Chengbing (Department of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University)

On John Dewey's Notion of Experience in the Text of “The Need for a Recovery of Philosophy”

Dr. Sun Ning (School of Philosophy, Fudan University)

Natural Realism or Transactionalism: On the Relationships between Putnam and Two Pragmatists, James and Dewey

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